This website will address major legislation that affects your rights as a parent.  Action steps will be listed on what you can do to STOP this intrusion into the family. 

Session start  January 13, 2020

The following bills will have hearings or votes soon

SB 5395 - Sex Education - Possible vote on Friday on Senate floor

HB 2184 - Sex Education - Possible Education Comm. vote Jan 23rd

Other bills we are watching

SB 5683 / HB 1771 - Home visitation

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Rescheduled to mid February.

Pierce County Council created a Birth - 25 Commission. 

Meetings are the first Monday of every month.

SB 5395 - Sexual Health Education

SB 5683 / HB 1771 - Washington Baby Act

This bill mandates that ALL public schools will teach Comprehensive Sexual Health to all students ages Kindergarten to 12th grade.  The bill takes away local control and the ability of local school boards to offer a program that is sensitive to their community.  The bill requires the use of "skills based instruction"  that will ask the children to "demonstrate" their knowledge of sexual health and data on sexual behavior will be collected to comply with requirements under an "evidence based" program. 

The Washington Baby Act promotes a universal home visitation entitlement plan to visit the homes of every new born baby.  The bill claims to be voluntary but amendments to ensure that home visitation would remain strictly voluntary failed in both the Senate and House versions of the bill.

The Dept of Early Learning, now called Dept of Children Youth and Families has a precedent of changing voluntary programs into mandatory.  In the year 2013 HB 1723 created the QRIS Early Achievers system as a voluntary program but two years later in the year 2015, HB 1491 turned voluntary into "shall implement" the QRIS Early Achievers system.

Thank you to the many of you who did call and email our legislators.  These bills are currently on "hold" for this session, but we expect it to move forward again in a future session.  We will keep you notified of any progress.

HB 2184 - Sexual Health Education

This bill mandates that ALL public schools will teach Comprehensive Sexual Health to all students.  The below also allows for an unelected body named "Sexual Health Work Group" will be able to fill in the details on how sexual health is taught and what grade levels it will reach.  Unlike SB 5395, HB 2184 is more vague in the details, because it empowers an evolving set of goals as dictated by the work group.   The bill also requires children to learn "affirmative consent" which teaches children how to make "conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity".

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